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Erin Mills Model Railroad Association

The Erin Mills Model Railroad Association was formed in May 1980 as a club to encourage and promote model railroading. At present, the club has about one hundred members ranging from early teens to retirees. While our association does not have a permanent layout, we have two active groups based on portable modular layouts, one for HO scale and one for N scale. These layouts are assembled at train shows in order to form large temporary layouts on which our members operate their trains.

Just as important, you will be able to meet with fellow railroad modellers, many of whom have home layouts, and may be working on their own individual projects ranging from small apartment layouts to large room filling railroad empires. Link to website.

Scarborough Model Railroaders

Toronto's only dual scale model railway club. The HO scale layout models 1950s transition era southwestern Ontario. The N scale layout is loosely based upon modern-era Appalachia. Link to website.

Lindsay & District Model Railroaders Club

Formed in 1965, they have been at their current location since 1985. Specializing in HO and N scale, they are well known in the community especially through their annual spring train show attracting hundreds of people from the surrounding area.  Link to website.

Model Railroad Club of Toronto

Home to the O scale Central Ontario Railway

The Club was founded by Borden Lilley and Harry Ebert in 1938. Originally located in Ebert's basement, the Club soon moved to new premises at Toronto's Union Station. After World War II, the railways needed the Union Station space. In 1946 the Club moved to a former munitions factory. Construction on the layout began in 1962 as a three-rail layout. By the late '60s the track was converted to a two-rail operation. In April 2013 the club relocated to 11 Curity Avenue. Structures from the Union Station days are still in use today.
Link to website.

Niagara Orleans Model Railroad Engineers

NOMRE club at Summit Park Mall, Niagara Falls, NY, USA. Meetings on 3rd Thursday of every month, Open house on 1st Saturday & 3rd Sunday of every month.

Windsor Model Railroad Club

The Windsor Model Railway Club (WMRC) is a dual scale club – offering both HO and N scale permanent and modular layouts. ​ Membership is open to anyone, regardless of their scale preferences. The club was formed February 2001 ​to fill the desires of a growing number of new model railroaders who want to be part of something bigger and better than just having a layout home. The WMRC also provides a place to develop friendships with other model railroads and allows us to increase or know ​ledge​ and skills through the sharing of ideas ​ and ​ expertise with fellow modelers. ​For more information, please​ contact:
Peter Bechard - WMRC

Cambridge Model Railway Club

The Cambridge Model Railroad Club has will celebrate it's thirty-sixth anniversary this year. The club was formed in November, 1975, to promote model railroading and to encourage its members to develop their modeling skills and to support the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association). Some of our members are also NFR (Niagara Frontier Region) members, and some are working towards their Master Model Railroader achievement. The club members' layouts range from table sized pikes of sectional track through fully scenicked basement sized empires with handlaid track throughout and command control. All of the layouts in the group have one thing in common, though. They provide hours of enjoyment to their builders.
We get together monthly on a rotating basis at the members' homes. Twice a year, we hold a 'show and tell' session, where all the members can show off a structure or piece of rolling stock that has been altered or enhanced from the original kit or in some cases scratchbuilt from photos or blueprints. At each of our monthly meetings, the host is required to put on some sort of clinic. Contact.

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