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CVR Code Description Price Status
A187-1004 Engineer/Fireman 2pk Set A - Pic 4.15 In Stock
A187-1005 Engineer/Fireman 2pk Set B - Pic 4.15 In Stock
A187-1006 Engineer/Fireman 4pk Set A - Pic 8.25 Low Stock
A187-1007 Engineer/Fireman 4pk Set B - Pic 8.25 In Stock
A187-1008 Engineer/Fireman 8pk - Pic 10.99 B/O
A187-1886 H32 cov hop Conrail red *s - Reg $45.95 - Pic 32.99 In Stock
A187-1887 H32 cov hop Conrail Gray *s - Reg $45.95 - Pic 32.99 Low Stock
A187-1906 1929 Track Inspection Sedan MOW DCC - Pic 0.00 PRE
A187-1913 Hi-Rail Pick-up Truck CNR DCC - Pic 0.00 PRE
A187-1914 Hi-Rail Pick-up Truck CPRail DCC 0.00 PRE
A187-1916 Hi-Rail Pick-up Truck MOW DCC 0.00 PRE
A187-5382 2-8-0 Consol CP #3716 w/P3 smoke *s - Reg $584.99 424.99 Out Of Stock
A187-5383 2-8-0 Consol CP #3729 w/P3 smoke *s - Reg $584.99 424.99 Out Of Stock
A187-6071 Plymouth Switcher CNr w/DC/DCC - Pic 189.99 B/O
A187-6083 Plymouth Switcher Yellow w/DC/DCC - Pic 189.99 Low Stock
A187-6090 Operating Water Tower Unlet BoxRed - Pic 129.95 Low Stock
A187-6091 Operating Water Tower Unlet Brown - Pic 129.95 B/O
A187-6100 Cryogenic tank AirCo 2pk *sp 99.99 In Stock
A187-6101 Cryogenic tank Air Products 2pk *sp 99.99 In Stock
A187-6103 Cryogenic tank Cdn Liquid Air2pk*sp 99.99 In Stock
A187-6104 Cryogenic tank Linde 2pk *sp 99.99 B/O
A187-6105 Cryogenic tank Liquid Air Corp2pk*s 99.99 Out Of Stock
A187-6106 Cryogenic tank NCG 2pk *sp 99.99 In Stock
A187-6107 Cryogenic tank AirCo *sp 49.99 B/O
A187-6109 Cryogenic tank Big 3 Industries *sp 49.99 B/O
A187-6110 Cryogenic tank Cdn Liquid Air *sp 49.99 In Stock
A187-6111 Cryogenic tank Linde *sp 49.99 B/O
A187-6112 Cryogenic tank Liquid Air Corp *sp 49.99 Low Stock
A187-6113 Cryogenic tank NCG *sp 49.99 In Stock
A187-6114 Cryogenic tank Undec *sp 49.99 Low Stock
A187-6115 Cryogenic tank TypeB Undec *sp 49.99 B/O
A187-6116 Cryogenic tank TypeC Undec *sp 49.99 B/O
A187-6120 6kgal ACF tank Canadian Inds 4pk *s 164.95 Out Of Stock
A187-6120-1 6kgal ACF tank Canadian Inds *s 42.99 In Stock
A187-6124 6kgal ACF tank PittsbgGlass 4pk *s - Reg $177.99 149.99 In Stock
A187-6126 6kgal ACF tank Variety #1 4pk *s - Reg $177.99 149.99 In Stock
A187-6127 6kgal ACF tank Variety #2 4pk *s - Reg $177.99 149.99 Low Stock