Model Power Mfg. Co. (490)

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CVR Code Description Price Status
A490-10714 Moving Furniture 28.95 B/O
A490-17011 Long Haul Tractor w/trail CN Route - Pic 19.95 Low Stock
A490-24000 Tract Tank Trailer Compressed gas - Pic 19.95 B/O
A490-5790 Rail/Road workers unpainted /72 21.99 B/O
A490-5791 Sitting figures unpainted /72 - Pic 21.99 B/O
A490-5792 Standing figures unpainted /72 21.99 B/O
A490-5793 Animals unpainted /72 21.99 B/O
A490-648 M Walker & Son Rail Crane 61.99 In Stock
A490-777 Benson's House BU w/lights 59.95 In Stock
A490-779 Grandma's New House BU - Pic 59.99 Low Stock
A490-780 Dr. Andrew's House BU - Pic 59.95 Low Stock
A490-781 Jackson's House BU 59.95 Low Stock
A490-782 Stevenson's House BU w/lights 59.99 Low Stock
A490-783 Little Red Schoolhouse BU - Pic 71.99 Low Stock