Tangent Scale Models (823)

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CVR Code Description Price Status
A823-10031 4740 cov hop GN Orig Sky Blue *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10032 4740 cov hop IC Orig Gray 1969 *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10049 4740 cov hop CC Former IC Resten *s 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10050 4740 cov hop WM Orig Gray 1967 *spe 57.99 Low Stock
A823-10051 4740 cov hop NP Orig 1969 *spe 57.99 In Stock
A823-10052 4740 cov hop TLCX Landmark Colum*sp 61.99 B/O
A823-10053 4740 cov hop TLDX Agland *spe 61.99 B/O
A823-10054 4740 cov hop TLDX Maher *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10055 4740 cov hop TLDX Rogers *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10056 4740 cov hop TLDX Gray Lease '97*sp 61.99 B/O
A823-10057 4740 cov hop TLDX Yellow Lease'70*s 61.99 Low Stock
A823-10538 PS4000 cov hop ATSF *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 In Stock
A823-10540 PS4000 cov hop B&O Orig Gray *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 In Stock
A823-10541 PS4000 cov hop CNW Zito 1990 *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 Low Stock
A823-10542 PS4000 cov hop CNW Clinton 1978 *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 Low Stock
A823-10543 PS4000 cov hop CNW Clinton 1981 *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 Low Stock
A823-10544 PS4000 cov hop MNS Repaint 1962 *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 Low Stock
A823-10545 PS4000 cov hop MNS Repaint 1963 *d - Reg $58.95 46.95 In Stock
A823-10711 70ton Drop end gon SP 1953+ *d - Reg $45.95 29.95 In Stock
A823-10727 70ton Drop end gon EL Rail Train *d - Reg $45.95 29.95 Low Stock
A823-10728 70ton Drop end gon Allagash *d - Reg $45.95 32.95 Low Stock
A823-11006 60ft BH flat Undecorated Primer *sp 48.95 B/O
A823-11011 60ft GSC flat IC orig brown *sp - Pic 48.95 B/O
A823-11050 60ft BH flat ACL Orig Black *spe 48.95 Low Stock
A823-11051 60ft BH flat GN Sky Blue *spe 48.95 B/O
A823-11213 PS4750 cov hop PC Green *spec - Pic 42.95 In Stock
A823-11231 PS4750 cov hop CRDX 'Manitoba' *spe - Pic 48.95 B/O
A823-11234 PS4750 cov hop PTLX Landmark Unio*s - Pic 48.95 Low Stock
A823-11235 PS4750 cov hop PTLX Landmark Wash*s - Pic 48.95 Out Of Stock
A823-11239 PS4750 cov hop CN IC *spec 59.95 In Stock
A823-11240 PS4750 cov hop DRGW Orig 12-1974*sp 59.95 B/O
A823-11247 PS4750 cov hop COOP Far-Mar-Co *spe 59.95 Low Stock
A823-11505 6kgal 3comp tank Undec RTR *spec *d - Reg $62.95 - Pic 39.99 Low Stock
A823-11516 6kgal 3comp tank HHCX Champlin *dis - Reg $62.95 - Pic 39.99 In Stock
A823-11517 6kgal 3comp tank MPCX 1935 *dis - Reg $62.95 - Pic 39.99 In Stock
A823-11518 6kgal 3comp tank COSX 1929+ *disc - Reg $62.95 39.99 In Stock
A823-11519 6kagl 3comp tank GATX 1948+ *sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-11520 6kgal 3comp tank PDAX 1969+ *disc - Reg $62.95 39.99 In Stock
A823-11521 6kgal 3comp tank WCHX 1961+ *disc - Reg $62.95 39.99 Low Stock
A823-118 33in RP25 Wheelsets /12 *sp 12.99 Low Stock
A823-119 33in RP25 wheelsets /100 *sp 99.99 In Stock
A823-12016 GA Dry-Flo hopper GACX Montreal *sp - Pic 59.99 B/O
A823-12019 GA Dry-Flo hopper BN misspelled *sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-12020 GA Dry-Flo hopper CB&G Orig Gray*sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-12021 GA Dry-Flo hopper CNW Clinton *sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-12022 GA Dry-Flo hopper MP Orig Gray *sp 59.99 B/O
A823-12023 GA Dry-Flo hopper PC 1972 Repaint*s 59.99 In Stock
A823-12024 GA Dry-Flo hopper Koppers 1961+ *sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-12025 GA Dry-Flo hopper Quebec Iron *sp 59.99 In Stock
A823-1300501 8kgal Acid tank Undec Blk 1949-51*s - Pic 59.95 In Stock
A823-1300502 8kgal Acid Tank Undec Blk 1951-60*s - Pic 59.95 In Stock
A823-13011 8kgal Acid tank GATX Stauffer *spe - Pic 59.95 In Stock
A823-13014 8kgal Acid tank Diamond Chem *s 61.99 In Stock
A823-13015 8kgal Acid tank Hooker *s 61.99 In Stock
A823-13016 8kgal Acid tank Petroleos Mex *s 61.99 In Stock
A823-13017 8kgal Acid tank GATX White Lease *s 61.99 In Stock
A823-14005 X58 50ft box Ptd PRR brn only *s 61.55 In Stock
A823-14006 X58 50ft box Ptd PC green only *s 61.55 In Stock
A823-14007 X58 50ft box Ptd CR Red only *s 61.55 Low Stock
A823-14012 X58 50ft box Conrail 1987 *s 61.55 In Stock
A823-14013 X58 50ft box NS 1999 *s 61.55 Out Of Stock
A823-14014 X58 50ft box LV Orig 1965 *s 61.55 Low Stock
A823-14015 X58 50ft box PRR Orig 1964 *s 61.55 In Stock
A823-14016 X58 50ft box PC 1974 Paintout *s 61.55 Out Of Stock
A823-14017 X58 50ft box PC 1968 Repaint *s 61.55 Out Of Stock
A823-14018 X58 50ft box Conrail *s 61.55 Out Of Stock
A823-14019 X58 50ft box LV/CR Restencil1979 *s 61.55 Out Of Stock
A823-15012 PS3 Coal hopper L&N Dixie Line *spe 46.95 In Stock
A823-15013 PS3 Coal hopper RI Orig Red *spec 46.95 In Stock
A823-15014 PS3 Coal hopper Utah Orig 1958 *spe 46.95 Low Stock
A823-16010 GA4180 Airslide B&O Orig Gray *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16013 GA4180 Airslide CNW Orig Gray *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16016 GA4180 Airslide GACX Clinton Corn*d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16018 GA4180 Airslide NAHX IGP Canada *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16019 GA4180 Airslide SIRX IGP Canada *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 In Stock
A823-16022 GA4180 Airslide BNSF Buffer #4 *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16028 GA4180 Airslide NP Org Gray *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 Low Stock
A823-16031 GA4180 Airslide Brach's Candy *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 In Stock
A823-16033 GA4180 Airslide Westvaco Carbon *d - Reg $59.95 41.99 In Stock
A823-17010 G43 gondola PRR Original 1966 *spe 53.55 B/O
A823-17011 G43 gondola PC Original 1969 *spe 53.55 Low Stock
A823-17012 G43 gondola PC Original 1970 *spe 53.55 B/O
A823-17013 G43 gondola Conrail 1988 w/rack *sp 53.55 In Stock
A823-18000 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube Undec *s 49.99 In Stock
A823-18010 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube CB&Q w/str *s 59.95 In Stock
A823-18011 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube DRGW 1967 *sp 59.95 In Stock
A823-18012 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube IC Orig *s 59.95 In Stock
A823-18013 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube MILW DF2 *sp 59.95 In Stock
A823-18014 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube BN *s 59.95 In Stock
A823-18015 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube CB&Q *sp 59.95 Low Stock
A823-18016 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube DRGW 1967DF*s 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-18017 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube MILW DFB *sp 59.95 Low Stock
A823-18018 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube NP *s 59.95 Out Of Stock
A823-18019 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube BN 1973 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-18020 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube BN 1975 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-18021 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube CB&Q Havelk*s 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-18022 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube ICG Skinny *s 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-18023 PS1 40ft Mini-Hy cube ICG Wide *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-1900001 1917design 8kgal tank undeckit *spe 0.00 PRE - USD $37.95
A823-1900501 1917design 8kgal tank undec *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-19010 1917design 8kgal tank Staley *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-19011 1917design 8kgal tank DeepRock *spe 61.99 Low Stock
A823-19013 1917design 8kgal tank UTLX orig *sp 61.99 B/O
A823-19014 1917design 8kgal tank UTLX *spe 61.99 B/O
A823-19115 8kgal Insulated tank Undec Black*sp 57.99 B/O
A823-19120 8kgal Insulated tank ROMA Wine *sp 57.99 In Stock
A823-19121 8kgal Insulated tank Virginian *sp 57.99 Low Stock
A823-19122 8kgal Insulated tank Warren *sp 57.99 In Stock
A823-20010 PS4750 covhop C&NW Orig 1973 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20013 PS4750 covhop ITC Orig 12-73 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20015 PS4750 covhop MP Orig 12-72 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20016 PS4750 covhop RI Orig 5-73 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20017 PS4750 covhop C&NW/RI *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20020 PS4750 covhop SOO ex-ConAgra *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-20022 PS4750 covhop ConAgra 4-73 *sp 0.00 PRE - USD $44.95
A823-202 Manitoba Placards /8 *spec - Pic 7.79 In Stock
A823-99001 Decal - PS4740 White Paintout Set#1 5.49 In Stock