ESU LokSound (397)

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CVR Code Description Price Status
I397-50114 Mobile Control II Throttle w/USB 0.00 PRE - USD $319.90
I397-50310 Cab Control DCC System w/WiFi 0.00 PRE - USD $499.99
I397-50321 Speaker 8ohm 11x15mm cell type w/ch 12.55 In Stock
I397-50325 Speaker 8ohm 16x35mm w/enclosure 11.25 Low Stock
I397-50326 Speaker 8ohm 14x12mm w/enclosure 13.55 In Stock
I397-50327 Speaker 8ohn 16mm rnd w/dual chamb 11.85 In Stock
I397-50328 Speaker 8ohm 13mm rnd w/dual chamb 11.85 In Stock
I397-50330 Speaker 4ohm 16x25mm square w/chamb - Pic 11.25 In Stock
I397-50331 Speaker 4ohm 20mm round w/chamber 11.85 In Stock
I397-50332 Speaker 4ohm 23mm round w/chamber 11.85 In Stock
I397-50333 Speaker 4ohm 28mm round w/chamber 11.85 In Stock
I397-50334 Speaker 4ohm 20x40mm square w/chamb 11.85 In Stock
I397-50336 Speaker 8ohm 41x71mm square 18.95 In Stock
I397-50707 Interior Lighting Current collect/8 15.50 In Stock
I397-51940 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - White 6.45 In Stock
I397-51941 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Purple 6.45 In Stock
I397-51942 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Black 6.45 In Stock
I397-51943 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Red 6.45 B/O
I397-51944 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Orange 6.45 In Stock
I397-51945 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Green 6.45 In Stock
I397-51946 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Grey 6.45 In Stock
I397-51947 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Yellow 6.45 In Stock
I397-51948 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Brown 6.45 Low Stock
I397-51949 Super Thin Cable AWG36 10m - Blue 6.45 In Stock
I397-51952 Cable USB-A FTDI on RS232 for Prog 0.00 PRE - USD $26.99
I397-51953 Wire Harness w/8pin NMRA to 9pin*di - Pic 10.49 In Stock
I397-51967 21MTC Adapter Board 15.75 In Stock
I397-53452 LokSound Programmer w/power supply - Pic 247.99 In Stock
I397-53611 LokPilot Basic V2.0 w/8pin 32.99 In Stock
I397-53614 LokPilot Basic V2.0 w/21pin 32.99 B/O
I397-53900 Decoder Tester - upgraded 71.95 In Stock
I397-54400 LokSound V4 Programable w/8pin - Pic 187.99 In Stock
I397-54499 LokSound V4 Programable w/21MTC 0.00 PRE - USD $129.99
I397-54500 LokSound V4 XL 359.99 Low Stock
I397-54610 LokPilot V4 w/8pin 54.99 Low Stock
I397-54611 LokPilot V4 w/8pin plug, cable 49.95 Low Stock
I397-54615 LokPilot V4 w/21pin (Rapido) 45.99 B/O
I397-54650 LokPilot Micro Direct Upgrading DC 0.00 PRE - USD $39.99
I397-54670 Power Pack - Lokpilot V4.0 77.55 B/O
I397-54671 Power Pack Mini - V4.0 67.95 In Stock
I397-54683 LokPilot Micro V4 8pin w/cable 56.99 In Stock
I397-54700 LokSound V4 Direct Programmable 0.00 PRE - USD $129.99
I397-73100 N Select Direct Micro Locos Pre2016 0.00 PRE - USD $109.99
I397-73199 N Select Direct Micro OEM upgrade 0.00 PRE - USD $109.99
I397-73400 LS Select 8pin Ready to Program 139.99 In Stock
I397-73401 LS Select 8pin Alco 244 12cyl 144.99 In Stock
I397-73403 LS Select 8pin GE FDL 16 144.99 In Stock
I397-73404 LS Select 8pin GE 7FDL *disc 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73407 LS Select 8pin EMD 645 8 no turbo 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73408 LS Select 8pin EMD 645E 16cyl 144.99 In Stock
I397-73409 LS Select 8pin Steam Cab Forward 144.99 In Stock
I397-73410 LS Select 8pin EMD 710 *disc 144.99 In Stock
I397-73413 LS Select 8pin Steam Mogul 144.99 On Order
I397-73414 LS Select 8pin Steam 4DriveAxles 144.99 B/O
I397-73416 LS Select 8pin Steam Big Boy 144.99 B/O
I397-73418 LS Select 8pin PCC Trolley 144.99 B/O
I397-73426 LS Select 8pin EMD 16-645E noturbo 144.99 In Stock
I397-73427 LS Select 8pin ALCO 16-251E AirStrt 144.99 In Stock
I397-73428 LS Select 8pin EMD 16-710 MP40PH-3C 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73429 LS Select 8pin MPI 16-645F3B 144.99 B/O
I397-73430 LS Select 8pin EMD F40PH 144.99 In Stock
I397-73431 LS Select 8pin EMD 16-710GB SD90 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73432 LS Select 8pin FM 6cyl 38D 144.99 B/O
I397-73436 LS Select 8pin EMD 16-567C/D Funit 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73438 LS Select 8pin GE7FDL-12 B23-7 144.99 B/O
I397-73439 LS Select 8pin EMD12-645E3 GP39-2 144.99 In Stock
I397-73440 LS Select 8pin GE7FDL-16 Dash8 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73441 LS Select 8pin ALCO 12-251B RS36 144.99 B/O
I397-73443 LS Select 8pin EMD 645E-12 noturbo 144.99 In Stock
I397-73444 LS Select 8pin GE Cat-44 144.99 B/O
I397-73445 LS Select 8pin GEFDL-16 144.99 B/O
I397-73447 LS Select 8pin BLW 606SC/606A 144.99 In Stock
I397-73448 LS Select 8pin FM 12cyl-38D 144.99 B/O
I397-73449 LS Select 8pin EMD 12-710 144.99 B/O
I397-73450 LS Select 8pin EMD 16-645F w/turbo 144.99 In Stock
I397-73451 LS Select 8pin Steam Heisler 144.99 B/O
I397-73452 LS Select 8pin Steam Climax 144.99 B/O
I397-73453 LS Select 8pin Steam 0-6-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73454 LS Select 8pin Steam 4-6-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73455 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-6-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73456 LS Select 8pin Steam 4-6-6-4 144.99 B/O
I397-73457 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-8-8-2 144.99 Low Stock
I397-73458 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-6-6-2 144.99 B/O
I397-73460 LS Select 8pin EMD12-567C SW1200RS 144.99 B/O
I397-73470 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-10-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73471 LS Select 8pin Steam 4-4-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73472 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-6-2 144.99 B/O
I397-73473 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-8-0 144.99 B/O
I397-73474 LS Select 8pin Steam 2-8-2 144.99 B/O
I397-73475 LS Select 8pin Steam 4-8-2 144.99 B/O
I397-73476 LS Select 8pin GE8cyl/FDLU18B 144.99 B/O
I397-73477 LS Select 8pin EMD 567w6cyl w/turbo 144.99 B/O
I397-73478 LS Select 8pin Electric MP54 144.99 B/O
I397-73480 LS Select 8pin Baldwin 608A 144.99 B/O
I397-73481 LS Select 8pin Baldwin VO-1000 144.99 B/O
I397-73482 LS Select 8pin GE P42/AMD103 w/HEP 144.99 In Stock
I397-73483 LS Select 8pin Dual EMD567 12cyl E 144.99 B/O
I397-73484 LS Select 8pin Budd RDC 144.99 B/O
I397-73485 LS Select 8pin Doodlebug 144.99 B/O
I397-73489 LS Select 8pin ALCO 539 no turbo 144.99 B/O
I397-73491 LS Select 8pin ALCO/MLW 251 6cyl 144.99 B/O
I397-73492 LS Select 8pin ALCO/MLW 251 8cyl 144.99 B/O
I397-73494 LS Select 8pin ALCO 538 144.99 B/O
I397-73495 LS Select 8pin Electric AEM-7 144.99 B/O
I397-73496 LS Select 8pin EMD 710-20cyl SD80 144.99 B/O
I397-73700 LS Select Direct Ready to Prog 148.99 B/O
I397-73701 LS Select Direct Alco 244 12cyl 148.99 B/O
I397-73702 LS Select Direct Alco 251 12/16*dis 148.99 In Stock
I397-73703 LS Select Direct GE FDL-12 148.99 In Stock
I397-73704 LS Select Direct GE 7FDL 12&16cyl*d 148.99 In Stock
I397-73705 LS Select Direct Baldwin VO-6 *disc 138.99 Low Stock
I397-73706 LS Select Direct EMD 567 12&16cyl 148.99 In Stock
I397-73707 LS Sel Dir EMD 645E 8cyl noTur *dis 138.99 In Stock
I397-73708 LS Select Direct EMD 645E 16cyl 148.99 In Stock
I397-73710 LS Select Direct EMD 710GB *disc 148.99 In Stock
I397-73711 LS Sel Dir Alco 539T 6cyl *disc 138.99 In Stock
I397-73722 LS Select Direct NRE Hybrid Genset 148.99 B/O
I397-73723 LS Select Direct ES44AC/DC Gevo 148.99 In Stock
I397-73725 LS Select Direct EMD16-710G3C w/air 148.99 In Stock
I397-73726 LS Select Direct EMD 16-645E noturb 148.99 In Stock
I397-73727 LS Select Direct Alco 16-251E w/air 148.99 In Stock
I397-73728 LS Select Direct EMD 16-710GB MP40 148.99 In Stock
I397-73730 LS Select Direct EMD F40PH 148.99 B/O
I397-73731 LS Select Direct EMD 16-710GB SD90 148.99 Low Stock
I397-73736 LS Select Direct EMD 16-567C/D Funt 148.99 Low Stock
I397-73738 LS Select Direct GE7FDL-12 B23-7 148.99 B/O
I397-73739 LS Select Direct EMD12-645E3 GP39-2 148.99 B/O
I397-73740 LS Select Direct GE7FDL-16 Dash-8 148.99 B/O
I397-73743 LS Select Direct EMD 645E 12cyl no 148.99 In Stock
I397-73744 LS Select Direct GE Cat 44 *disc 138.99 Low Stock
I397-73748 LS Select Direct FM 12cyl 38D 148.99 B/O
I397-73749 LS Select Direct EMD 12-710 148.99 B/O
I397-73750 LS Select Direct EMD 16-645F w/turb 148.99 B/O
I397-73760 LS Select Direct EMD 12-567C SW1200 148.99 B/O
I397-73777 LS Select Direct EMD 567 6cyl w/tur 148.99 B/O
I397-73781 LS Select Direct Baldwin VO-1000 148.99 B/O
I397-73782 LS Select Direct GE P42/AMD103 w/Hp 148.99 B/O
I397-73783 LS Select Direct Dual EMD 567 12cyl 148.99 B/O
I397-73784 LS Select Direct Budd RDC 148.99 B/O
I397-73785 LS Select Direct DoodleBug 148.99 B/O
I397-73789 LS Select Direct ALCO 539 nonTurbo 148.99 B/O
I397-73791 LS Select Direct ALCO/MLW 251 6cyl 148.99 B/O
I397-73792 LS Select Direct ALCO/MLW 251 8cyl 148.99 B/O
I397-73796 LS Select Direct EMD 710-20cyl SD80 148.99 B/O
I397-73800 LS Select Micro Ready to Prog 148.99 In Stock
I397-73801 LS Select Micro ALCO 244 12&16 cyl 148.99 Low Stock
I397-73811 LS Select Micro ALCO 539T 6cyl 148.99 Low Stock
I397-73817 LS Select Micro Steam Collect 148.99 B/O
I397-73836 LS Select Micro EMD 16-567C/D Funit 148.99 B/O
I397-73843 LS Select Micro EMD 12-645E no Turb 148.99 In Stock
I397-73844 LS Select Micro GE Cat-44 148.99 B/O
I397-73900 LS Select w/21MTC Ready to Program 0.00 PRE - USD $109.99
I397-75403 LS Select 8pin GE GTEL Turbine 148.99 B/O
I397-75405 LS Select 8pin GE 12cyl FDL U23B 148.99 In Stock
I397-75406 LS Select 8pin EMD 6cyl 567 SW1 148.99 B/O
I397-75407 LS Select 8pin EMD 20cyl 645 SD45 148.99 B/O
I397-75408 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 645C GP9RM 148.99 In Stock
I397-75409 LS Select 8pin ALCO 16cyl 251C C425 148.99 B/O
I397-75410 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 645E3 GP40 148.99 In Stock
I397-75411 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 567BC GP9 148.99 Low Stock
I397-75412 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 645E GP38 148.99 B/O
I397-75413 LS Select 8pin GE 16cyl FDL Dash7 148.99 Low Stock
I397-75414 LS Select 8pin MLW 12cyl 251C M420W 148.99 In Stock
I397-75415 LS Select 8pin GE12cyl GEVO T2 148.99 In Stock
I397-75417 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 567C GP10 148.99 Low Stock
I397-75419 LS Select 8pin GE 16cyl 7FDL16K16R 148.99 B/O
I397-75420 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 710G3B 148.99 B/O
I397-75421 LS Select 8pin 16cyl 645E V3 GP38-2 148.99 In Stock
I397-75422 LS Select 8pin ALCO 12cyl 251C C420 148.99 B/O
I397-75423 LS Select 8pin EMD 16cyl 567D GP20 148.99 Low Stock
I397-75424 LS Select 8pin CAT M636-CAT 148.99 B/O
I397-75425 LS Select 8pin EMD 12cyl 645E3 SD39 148.99 B/O
I397-75426 LS Select 8pin GE 16cyl FDL Dash-7 148.99 B/O
I397-75427 LS Select 8pin GE7FDL-12 B23-7 Erly 148.99 B/O
I397-75703 LS Select Direct GE GTEL Turbine 148.99 B/O
I397-75705 LS Select Direct GE 12cyl FDL Early 148.99 B/O
I397-75706 LS Select Direct EMD 6cyl 567 SW1 148.99 B/O
I397-75707 LS Select Direct EMD 20cyl 645 SD45 148.99 B/O
I397-75708 LS Select Direct EMD 16cyl 645C GP9 148.99 B/O
I397-75709 LS Select Direct ALCO 16cyl 251C 148.99 B/O
I397-75710 LS Select Direct EMD 16cyl 645E3 V2 148.99 B/O
I397-75711 LS Select Direct EMD 16cyl 567 GP9 148.99 B/O
I397-75712 LS Select Direct EMD 16cyl645E GP38 148.99 B/O
I397-75713 LS Select Direct GE 16cyl FDL Dash7 148.99 B/O
I397-75714 LS Select Direct MLW 12cyl 251 M420 148.99 B/O
I397-75715 LS Select Direct GE 12cyl GEVO T2 148.99 B/O
I397-75721 LS Select Direct EMD 16cyl645E 38-2 148.99 B/O
I397-75724 LS Select Direct CAT M636-CAT 148.99 B/O
I397-9341721 LS Select 21 MTC Bowser SD40-2 16cy 134.99 B/O