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CVR Code Description Price Status
K212-0073-9 2018 Calendar - Canadian Trains 18.99 In Stock
K212-0079-1 2018 Calendar - Railways of Canada 18.99 In Stock
K212-0319-3 Royalty Rides The Rails 45.00 B/O
K212-089-5-3 100 Yrs of Canadian Railway Recipes 39.99 B/O
K212-126-0-2 From Wood To Steel - CDN Passenger 74.95 In Stock
K212-2018LR 2018 Vintage Trains Lance Russwurm 15.99 In Stock
K212-203-0-7 Riding The Hog Special *spec 29.95 B/O
K212-20-35-8 Railways of New Brunswick - SC 19.95 B/O
K212-215-0-0 North From Edmonton - The NAR 86.95 B/O
K212-219-1-2 St Lambert - A Train of Thought 49.00 B/O
K212-22-20-1 Rusty Rails - Softcover 34.95 B/O
K212-30-19-9 Rails Across The Rock Hardcover*spe 29.95 In Stock
K212-30-22-9 Rails Across The Rock Softcover*spe 22.95 In Stock
K212-30-54-0 Rails Around The Rock Softcov *spec 22.95 In Stock
K212-30-58-8 Rails Around The Rock Hardcov *spec 29.95 B/O
K212-406-1-9 Heckman's Canadian Pacific *spec - Pic 60.00 In Stock
K212-461-0-4 Nfld Rwy - Next Stop Gaff Topsail 25.95 B/O
K212-461-1-2 Nfld Rwy - Next Stop Wreckhouse 25.95 Low Stock
K212-461-2-0 Nfld Rwy - Next Stop Trinity Loop 25.95 B/O
K212-461-3-9 Nfld Rwy - Next Stop St. John's 25.95 B/O
K212-461-4-7 Nfld Rwy - The Newfie Bullet 25.95 B/O
K212-474-1-9 Wooden Cars on Steel Rails 39.95 B/O
K212-50-00-7 Niagara by Rail Vol 1 *disc - Reg $10.95 6.95 Low Stock
K212-5001-5 Niagara by Rail Vol 2 *disc - Reg $10.95 6.95 In Stock
K212-50-02-3 Niagara by Rail Vol 3 *disc - Reg $10.95 6.95 In Stock
K212-54500 RF - Tracks to The Trenches SC 45.00 B/O
K212-5-609-7 BMills - Locomotives 2ndED 29.95 B/O
K212-585-0-0 Rails to Goderich *spe 69.95 In Stock
K212-6-112-5 BMills - UBoats 65.00 In Stock
K212-6-273-3 BMills - One Track Mind 60.00 In Stock
K212-630-0-1 Trackside Via Rail - First 35 Years 30.00 In Stock
K212-630-1-8 Trackside Via Rail - Cross-Country 35.00 Low Stock
K212-630-1-A Trackside Via Rail - Cons Companion 15.00 Low Stock
K212-630-2-5 Trackside Via Rail - Research 35.00 In Stock
K212-6-330-6 BMills - Rites of Passage 49.95 B/O
K212-6-331-4 BMills - Steel Wheels Rolling 60.00 In Stock
K212-6-546-8 The Portage Railway Lake of Bays*sp 0.00 PRE - $69.95
K212-655049 Canadian Pacific - Creating A Brand 80.00 B/O
K212-662-1-2 Steel Wheels Along The Grand *spec 35.00 Low Stock
K212-732827 Great Western Railway of Canada 22.99 B/O
K212-8-168-9 Dominion Atlantic Railway - SC 24.95 B/O
K212-8-315-4 The Railway Beat 100yrs CP Police*s 24.95 Out Of Stock
K212-88473-5 Rolling Home - Cross Canada RR Memo 20.00 Low Stock
K212-90-02-9 RF Books - Quebec Central RR 36.95 Low Stock
K212-90-07-7 RF Books - Ottawa's Streetcars 49.95 In Stock
K212-90-09-3 RF Books Self-PropelCars of the CNR 34.95 B/O
K212-90-13-5 RF Books - Trouble on the Tracks 29.95 Low Stock
K212-90-27-2 Niagara,St.Catherines & Toronto SC 44.95 Low Stock
K212-90-28-9 Niagara,St Catherines & Toronto HdC 64.95 B/O
K212-90-41-8 RF Books - The Mount Royal Tunnel 29.95 B/O
K212-9052-2 RF Books - ONT Grand River RR Soft 54.95 B/O
K212-9053-0 RF Books - ONT Grand River RR Hard 74.95 B/O
K212-90777 RF Books - Transit Progress Deraile 29.95 B/O
K212-9-239-4 Ribbons of Steel - N Alberta RR 49.95 B/O
K212-928788 CPR - Golden Age of Travel 45.00 In Stock
K212-9-67-3 Cape Breton Railways - SC 24.95 B/O
K212-9702158 Rails Across The Prairies SC 29.99 B/O
K212-9707535 Rails Across Ontario SC 29.99 Low Stock
K212-9727816 Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore SC 29.99 B/O
K212-9728776 Rails To The Atlantic SC 29.99 B/O
K212-9733596 Rail Over The Mountains - SC 29.99 In Stock
K212-99-00-6 RF Books - CN Steam softcover 49.95 B/O
K212-99-01-3 RF Books - CN Steam Hardcover 69.95 B/O
K212-99-02-0 RF Books - Roster Vol2 Nfld/0-4-0 29.95 B/O
K212-99-03-7 RF Books - Roster Vol3 Mogul Types 29.95 B/O
K212-99-04-4 RF Books - Roster Vol4 Ten Wheelers 29.95 B/O
K212-99-05-1 Rf Books - Roster Vol5 Consolidatio 29.95 B/O
K212-99-06-8 RF Books - Roster Vol6 Mikado/Hudso 29.95 B/O
K212-99-07-5 RF Books - Roster Vol7 Mount/Northe 29.95 B/O
K212-99-08-2 RF Books - Roster Vol8 0-6-0/0-8-0 29.95 B/O
K212-993-0-9 Rusty Rails - Midwest Ont 61-96 Hrd 49.95 B/O
K212-CRHA Canadian Rail CRHA Magazine 9.75 In Stock
K212-CRHACAL 2018 Calendar CRHA Niagara Div *s 20.00 In Stock
K212-STAND Whitby's Railway History 16.95 Low Stock