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CVR Code Description Price Status
K213-13-29-2 To Tacoma by Trolley *Disc* 5.99 Low Stock
K213-176492 8 Realistic Track Plans Switching 26.99 In Stock
K213-33872-7 Indiana Press - PRR at Bay 49.95 In Stock
K213-34634-7 Indiana Press - Still Standing 54.95 Low Stock
K213-34916-3 Indiana Press -Encyclopedia of NARR 99.95 Low Stock
K213-349977 Field Guide to Trains - Locos & RS 32.99 Low Stock
K213-35-93-3 Lost RR's of Western NY Vol2 24.95 In Stock
K213-4692-1 Classic Railway Signals 44.99 Low Stock
K213-505646 How To Design Small Switching Layou 29.99 In Stock
K213-612994 8 Realistic Track Plans Spare Room 26.99 In Stock
K213-6570-5 Toronto's Railway Heritage 24.95 B/O
K213-684-1-1 Boston & Maine Memories 64.95 In Stock
K213-811344 How To Build Switching Layout 34.99 Low Stock
K213-834-0-4 Howard Zane - My Life with Model Tr 79.99 In Stock
K213-864-0-9 Beginner's Guide to Creative Effect 28.95 B/O
K213-89696 TLC - Pass Trains of Northern NE 42.95 In Stock
K213-89-70-0 TLC - The Streamliners *spec 90.00 B/O
K213-956994 How To Operate Modern Switching 34.99 In Stock
K213-97-5-2 Canada By Train - Complete VIA Rail 29.95 In Stock
K213-BD1 Black Diamonds Vol1 PRR Dieselizatn 64.99 Low Stock
K213-BD2 Black Diamonds Vol2 PRR Dieselizatn 64.99 B/O