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CVR Code Description Price Status
K400-01001 Model RR Cyclopedia #1 69.95 B/O
K400-01056 Compendium AM RR Radio Freq. *Disc* 5.00 Low Stock
K400-01064 Compendium AM RR Radio Freq. *Disc* 5.00 Low Stock
K400-01116 Hot Spots Guidebook 32.95 B/O
K400-01212 Tourist Trains GuideBook 6th Ed 31.99 B/O
K400-01303 Guide to NA Diesel Locomotives 34.99 B/O
K400-10-8265 Buyer's Guide to Toy Train *disc* 5.95 Low Stock
K400-108609 2009 Greenburg Guide AF *disc* 6.99 In Stock
K400-108611 2011 GB Price Guide AFlyer *disc 6.99 Low Stock
K400-108615 2015 American Flyer Price Guide *d 17.59 Low Stock
K400-10-8617 2017 American Flyer Price Guide 21.99 Low Stock
K400-10-8715 2015 Lionel Pocket Price Guide *d 24.95 Low Stock
K400-10-8717 2017 Lionel Pocket Price Guide 29.99 B/O
K400-108804 Track Plans for Lionel FasTrack 20.49 B/O
K400-12012 101 Track Plans for Model RR's - Pic 22.99 In Stock
K400-12148 Track Planning For Realistic Oper. - Pic 29.99 B/O
K400-12161 Diesel Detailing Projects *Disc* 5.99 Low Stock
K400-12216 How To Build Realistic Scenery - Pic 32.50 Low Stock
K400-12228 MR Guide to Loco Servicing Terminal - Pic 25.99 In Stock
K400-12401 Easy MMR #1 - Tables For Trains - Pic 9.99 B/O
K400-12406 Design & Build Garden RR *disc - Pic 16.99 In Stock
K400-12409 Industries Along The Tracks 2 - Pic 26.99 B/O
K400-12410 Planning Scenery for Your MR - Pic 27.99 In Stock
K400-12413 Easy MRR - Basic Buildings *disc - Pic 3.99 In Stock
K400-12415 Easy MMR - Get Started GRR *disc - Pic 3.99 In Stock
K400-12419 Shelf Layouts for Model Railroads - Pic 24.99 In Stock
K400-12422 Industries Along The Tracks 3 - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12423 MR's Guide to Logging Railroads - Pic 23.99 In Stock
K400-12424 Mid-Size Track Plans for Realistic - Pic 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12425 Painting Backdrops for Your MR - Pic 25.99 Low Stock
K400-12428 N Scale RR - Getting Started 2ndED - Pic 24.99 In Stock
K400-12434 Design & Build Multi-deck Model RR - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12435 MRR Guide to Steel Mills - Pic 27.99 In Stock
K400-12437 MR's Guide to Diesel Locomotives - Pic 26.99 In Stock
K400-12438 Allegheny Midland Lessons Learned - Pic 27.99 Low Stock
K400-12439 Industries Along The Track 4 - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12441 DCC Projects & Applications V2 - Pic 26.99 In Stock
K400-12442 Model Railroading in Small Spaces - Pic 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12443 101 More Track Plans for MR's - Pic 22.99 In Stock
K400-12448 Basic DCC Wiring for Your MR - Pic 21.99 In Stock
K400-12452 MR's Guide to Bridges, Trestles - Pic 26.99 In Stock
K400-12453 Coal Railroading - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12456 Modeling The '50's Glory Years - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12457 Building Garden RR Structures - Pic 27.99 B/O
K400-12458 Done in a Day - Pic 26.99 In Stock
K400-12460 MR from Prototype to Layout *disc - Pic 15.99 In Stock
K400-12462 MR's Guide to Mountain Railroading - Pic 27.99 Low Stock
K400-12464 MR's Guide to Rebuilding a Layout - Pic 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12465 50Ways to a Better Looking Layout - Pic 25.99 Low Stock
K400-12466 Starter Track Plans for MR's - Pic 20.99 In Stock
K400-12467 Building a RR Step by Step 2ndED - Pic 27.99 In Stock
K400-12469 Basic MR Benchwork 2nd Edition - Pic 26.99 In Stock
K400-12471 Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sou - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12472 How to Kitbash Structures - Pic 29.99 In Stock
K400-12473 Guide to Livestock & Meatpacking - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12474 MR Bridges & Trestles Vol2 - Pic 24.99 In Stock
K400-12475 Workshop Tips & Projects - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12478 Structure Projects for MR - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12479 Basic Trackwork for MR's 2nd Ed - Pic 24.99 In Stock
K400-12480 Realistic MR Operations 2ndEd - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12481 MR's Guide to Grain - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12482 Basic Scenery for MR's 2nd Edition - Pic 24.99 In Stock
K400-12483 Model Railroads Go To War - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12484 Basic Painting & Weathering 2nd ED - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12486 DCC Projects & Applications Vol 3 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12487 Compact Layout Design 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12488 DCC Guide 2nd Edition - Pic 26.99 Low Stock
K400-12489 Freight Cars of the '40s & '50s 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12490 Guide to Narrow Gauge Modeling - Pic 29.99 B/O
K400-12491 Wiring Your Model Railroad 27.99 B/O
K400-12493 Modeling Structures 29.50 Low Stock
K400-12494 Planning Your Model Railroad 27.99 In Stock
K400-12495 Getting Started in Model Railroadg 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12496 45 Original Track Plans 29.99 B/O
K400-12497 Waterfront Terminals & Operations 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12498 25 Freight Car Projects 29.99 Low Stock
K400-12499 Easy Model RR Scenery Projects 27.99 In Stock
K400-12663 Modeling The Transition Era 27.99 Low Stock
K400-12800 Beginners Guide to Locos & Rollstk 27.99 In Stock
K400-12802 Express, Mail & Merchandise Service 27.99 In Stock
K400-12803 Building a Sectional Layout 27.99 B/O
K400-12804 Piggyback & Container Traffic 29.99 B/O
K400-12806 Space Saving Industries for Layout 27.99 Low Stock
K400-12807 Out of This World Modeling 31.55 Low Stock
K400-12810 Building Vehicles for Model RR 0.00 PRE - USD $21.99
K400-1302 Guide to N American Steam 32.95 B/O
K400-64445 Amtrak: An American History - Pic 25.99 B/O
K400-68187 2018 Calendar - MRR Calendar 16.99 In Stock
K400-68188 2018 Calendar - Trains 16.99 In Stock
K400-THOMAS Thomas & Friends Official Magazine 5.99 In Stock