Nickel Belt Rails Pub. (612)

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CVR Code Description Price Status
K612-56-10-9 National Passenger Chronicle Vol1 20.00 B/O
K612-56-12-5 Sudbury Electrics & Diesels 40.00 B/O
K612-56-13-3 National Passenger Chronicle Vol3 30.00 B/O
K612-56-15-X Algoma Rails 50.00 In Stock
K612-56-17-6 National Passenger Chronicle Vol4 40.00 B/O
K612-56-18-4 Northern Ontario Rails in Colour 55.00 In Stock
K612-56-19-2 From Abbey to Zorra via Bagdad 45.00 B/O
K612-56-20-3 More Black Bear Tracks 27.00 B/O
K612-6077 6077 A Fine Locomotive 15.00 In Stock
K612-705-4-8 Point St. Charles Shops 22.00 In Stock
K612-705-6-2 Angus Shops 20.00 B/O
K612-PCIND Prairie Cinders 24.95 In Stock
K612-SUDBURY The Sudbury Streetcars 30.00 In Stock
K612-TOTBB Tracks of the Black Bear 15.95 B/O