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New products arriving daily. Here are some of the major arrivals.
See in store for a complete selection of new products and introductory special pricing.

February 9, 2017

All-Scales Rail Joiner Sidekick



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February 8, 2017

Woodlands Scenics
Complete Water System

Woodland Scenics water products are designed to work together to model
any water scene such as; waterfalls, rivers, lakes and more.
Watch the How-To videos to learn more about modeling water.


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Soft Gel Matte


Used by many artists for years, now used by model railroaders who want a superior
non-toxic, acrylic adhesive that will bond any material to any other material: plastic to metal,
metal to wood, etc.
Apply with a pin, a toothpick or a small brush depending upon your application. Fifteen minutes working time.
Loose sun shades on your locomotive? One small application using a needle and they will be rock solid!
One jar lasts years!
237ml Jar - $25.95

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Foam Roadbed


2 sizes - Branch Line and Main Line
25 foot package - $9.95

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Fast Tracks
New Laser Cut Freight Crates
freight crate
Transporting rolling stock to and from your layout can be tough on our detailed models. The FreightCrate
rolling stock tote box from Fast Tracks is designed specifically for this purpose. Laser cut from rugged
freight crate
1/8" thick hardboard, the FreightCrate will protect your models against damage by cradling them inside precisely
cut bubble wrap sheets (included). Simply set the car onto the bubble wrap cradle and lift it into one of the
freight crate
pockets in the FreightCrate carrier. Contact with the equipment is held to a minimum and the car will rest in the
box on its wheels held in place by the bubble wrap cradle, reducing the chance of damage when in transport or storage.

The lid to the FreightCrate is held securely in place by two "Key Locks" on the bottom of the box, preventing accidental opening.

The FreightCrate is sold unassembled as a kit

305-HOSTD40 8-pocket fits 40ft freight cars
305-HOED40 8-pocket Extra Deep fits 40ft freight cars

305-HOSTD65 8-pocket fits 65ft freight cars
305-HOED65 8-pocket Extra Deep fits 65ft freight cars

305-HOSTD90 8-pocket fits 90ft freight cars
305-HOED90 8-pocket Extra Deep fits 90ft freight cars

More scales and sizes to come!
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Nano Oil
New Vendor to Credit Valley Railway
3 Formulas Available: 5 very light for deep & fast penetration; 10 light for all bearings and shafts; 85 heavy
Vendor #559 on our online ordering system!

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Weathering Solutions
New Vendor to Credit Valley Railway
Weathering Solutions
Now you can get professional results with a decal!

weathering solutions logo weathering
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MicroLux Acrylic Paint


Superior Quality Acrylic Hobby Paint in Popular Modeling Colors
Top 10 colors in economy-size 2-ounce bottles
Blended by expert acrylic paint formulators Acrylicos Vallejo to Micro-Mark specifications
Color matched to PollyScale paint samples.
Labeled with PollyScale color names for easy cross-reference.
Water-based for safety and easy clean-up
Airbrushes onto any surface straight from the bottle (no thinning necessary)
Brushes onto wood straight from the bottle
Finely-ground pigments for smooth application and superior coverage with a thin coat
State-of-the-art acrylic resin for durable finish
Plastic squeeze bottle with dropper-style tip for easy dispensing
Practically no odor
Flat finish

594-29001 Rail Brown
594-29002 Grimy Black
594-29003 Railway Tie Brown
594-29004 Reefer White
594-29005 Rust
594-29006 Clear Flat
594-29007 Aged Concrete
594-29008 Engine Black
594-29009 Roof Brown
594-29010 Roof Red

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True Scene Modeling
Fusion Fiber


J556-FF Fusion Fibre
One lb. Bag covers up to 20 sf. Manufactured to meet True Scene Quality Standards
and Specifications, FusionFiber's Base White tints with your acrylic paint for true color
results and reliable consistency. Its versatile Medium Texture provides flexibility for a variety
of scenery projects in scales O down to N.

Advantages of FusionFiber:
* NO GLUE NEEDED! The adhesive is already in FusionFiber! Simply mix, spread over surface, and add scenic materials.
* NO ADDITIONAL PAINTING STEP! Tint water easily with your acrylic paint and FusionFiber takes the color during
the mixing process so you spread and "paint" all in one step.
* Odorless material mixes with tinted water for MESS-FREE application and clean-up. NOTE: It is safe to mix and spread FusionFiber by hand if desired.
* Extended drying time allows for FLEXIBILITY to detail with plant stems, shrubs, foliage, flocking, stones, figures, buildings, track, logs, rail ties, etc.
* NO WASTE - Just add warm water to any dried, leftover mixture for a new project at a later time! This also means that
FusionFiber is REHYDRATEABLE. Even a dried, "finished" scene can be re-moistened to change as desired.
* Dried, finished scene is LIGHTWEIGHT, similar to egg carton cardboard, allowing for easy lifting and transportation of scenery sections
* SCULPTING APPLICATION- Clump and mound FusionFiber then shape with a "sculpting tool" to form rounded boulders.
(Note: NOT a substitution for the detailed rock shapes made from plaster with rock molds)
* TEXTURE AND DEPTH - FusionFiber provides the layer of top soil that makes grassy areas look real and gives
buildings the appearance of being set into a foundation
* EASY - With FusionFiber even BEGINNERS can make realistic scenery!

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